I believe there is a disconnect between our local government and the community. As your councilor, I will bridge that gap. I will be someone who is easily accessible to the public, by holding office hours throughout the city so residents from all neighborhoods can be heard.

I will work tirelessly to restore your trust in our government. It is time we make the government work for us and not the other way around!


Boston is a world class city to live and work in, and I have been a lifelong Boston resident. I understand personally that we want Boston to be a place where our residents can afford to stay. Too many hard working individuals are being priced out of Boston. 

There are steps we can take to make Boston more affordable. Currently,  inclusionary development is at 13% and developers are skirting the law by building a few units under the threshold to trigger the requirement. I would propose increasing that number to at least 20% in housing near transit hubs. Additionally, I would rally support for tenant protections that would curtail elderly evictions, and help derail rising rental rates.


We need to invest more in our youths’ future. Let’s decrease classroom sizes to ensure teachers have more one-on-one time with students. 

We need to increase teachers pay so that they can afford to live in the same communities as the kids they teach. In today’s busy world, teachers spend the most time with our kids and we should be giving them all the resources they need to teach successfully.

We should be looking into adding more vocational programs to schools so students graduate with not only a diploma but a certificate in a field of their choice. Giving students the skills necessary to be successful in college and career without amounting excessive debt prepares them for a future no matter the path they choose.

Public Safety

I support the Boston Police and local law enforcers for the hard work they do every day to keep Boston one of the safest cities in the country. Our first responders risk their lives every day and they should be equipped with the best technology to keep us and themselves safe. I am a proponent of body cameras on officers for the safety of not just the civilian, but for the officer too.

On the other hand, for residents, Boston can often feel like a separate and unequal city in terms of protection for its citizens, policy, and access to justice. The same community policing activities available to residents of Roslindale and West Roxbury should be available to residents of Mattapan and Roxbury. All Bostonians deserve to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods. A bridge between the Boston Police Department and under-served communities needs to be built. We need to invest in training academies to increase the number of diverse officers and build trust.

Sustainable Energy

Boston established its roots in this country as a city on a hill, a model for innovation in policy and government. Now, Boston must advance technology to renewable energy to help combat climate change and be a model city of the rest of the country. 

With sea levels rising and putting East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, North End, and Downtown in danger, we need to continue pushing forward with Mayor Walsh’s “Resilient Boston Harbor” plan that protects our more vulnerable neighborhoods. 

We need solar and wind farms in the city, to expand the availability of electric car chargers, and to provide businesses with incentives to go Green. As a hub for renewable energy sources, Boston will also bring more jobs to the city as positions in all education and skill levels will be needed to develop the infrastructure to fuel our future. 


Opioid addiction is not just a public health emergency, it’s a crisis. We need to get people the help they need to deal with this disease. We have people over dosing on our streets and kids finding needles in their parks and playgrounds.

We need to hold neighboring cities and towns across Massachusetts accountable to pay their fair share for the residents they are sending into our city to use our resources. We need the bridge to Long Island rebuilt so we can move forward with Mayor Walsh’s plan for a new treatment campus.

We need additional members on the City of Boston’s Sharps Team because four people isn’t enough. I also support safe injection sites to prevent overdosing on our streets and contain needles in a central location.