Message To Boston


To My Boston Friends,

As you know, I am running for Boston City Councilor At-Large. A few of my priorities if elected are to reform our education system, increase affordable housing in all neighborhoods of Boston, eliminate the inequalities from neighborhood to neighborhood, improve our public safety, and work towards reliable and safe public transportation.

Our current curriculum is aimed towards teaching students how to pass a test. I would like to change that. We should be molding students to be critical, creative, and independent thinkers. We should be equipping them with the skills to tackle any obstacle life throws at them, whether it be in their personal, professional, or educational lives. Also we need to expanded upon vocational programs so students can graduate with not only a diploma, but a certificate in a trade of their choice so that they can enter the workforce right out of high school, if that’s the path they choose. I understand college isn’t for everyone and you can live a good quality life with a trade job. We must fully fund Boston Public Schools and give the teachers the resources they need to provide quality education.

Boston needs to be more affordable. We are pricing our hardworking, lifelong residents out of the city that they love. We need to make sure new development in Boston requires at least 25% affordable units. Also if developing on city owned land, we must require a third low income housing, a third moderate income housing and a third market rate housing. The middle class is often overlooked, as we are making too much to qualify for aid and making too little to live on our own. We can and must do better as a city to help our residents stay in Boston.

There are inequalities that need to be addressed. Why doesn’t Mattapan and Roxbury have any sit down restaurants where you can enjoy a beer or glass of wine along with a nice meal with your family or significant other? Why do neighborhoods like Mattapan, Roxbury, and parts of Dorchester have to wait longer than neighborhoods like Back Bay and Downtown for business permits to get approved or licenses to be granted? Why does life expectancy drop 30 years from Back Bay to Roxbury?

Too many innocent lives are lost on our streets! Why are kids being killed in our city? We need a plan to keep our streets safe day and night. We need to look at why we have residents in this city who feel that their only option is to turn to crime. We need to restore the trust in our government to encourage cooperation.

Boston needs to become pedestrian friendly. We need more protected bike lanes to keep our bicyclists safe. Boston needs designated bus lanes to help alleviate traffic. I will also advocate for an Orange Line extension to Cleary Sq in Hyde Park.

There are many more issues that face Boston, but I feel that if we can start to solve these issues we can help alleviate others. I will be a councilor who is accessible and will return all your calls/emails. As your City Councilor I will work tirelessly to move Boston forward.

I thank you for your continued support and I respectfully ask for your vote for Boston City Councilor At-Large on Tuesday, November 7th.

Please spread the word to your family and friends.

Your Friend,

About William

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William King, a lifelong resident of Boston, born and raised in Dorchester, was raised by his working parents and is a graduate of the Boston Public School system. Graduating in 2007 from TechBoston Academy, William is continuing his education as a Social Science major at Quincy College. Mr. King had worked for the Boston Public School system for 6 years as a Technology Specialist until becoming an IT Manager for a local real estate company.

His bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. These have shaped his philosophy of giving back to the community.

In his spare time, William enjoys the outdoors as much as he can. Hiking has become a passion for William spending summers following the trails of Blue Hills Reservation. William enjoys spending time with his family; his mother Jane, his father Billy; as well as his brother John, his sister in law Shereka and his nephew John Jr.

The Issues


I believe there is a disconnect between our local government and the community. As your councilor, I will bridge that gap. I will be someone who is easily accessible to the public, by holding office hours throughout the city so residents from all neighborhoods can be heard. I will respond to all calls and concerns from residents, and will open campaign offices in the city so everyone has a way to reach me. I will work tirelessly to restore your trust in our government.


We need to invest more in our youths’ future. Let’s get class room sizes smaller so teachers can have more one on one time with students. We should also look into adding more vocational programs to schools so students graduate with not only a diploma but a certificate in a field of their choice. Giving students the skills necessary to be successful in college and career.

Small Business

When small businesses thrive, Boston thrives. Small businesses provide the jobs and economic growth Boston needs. We need to make owning and starting a small business in the city easier. Simplify the permits and licenses process so that businesses can open the doors as soon as possible. Business owners should not be waiting months or sometimes even years for a occupancy certificate. I am someone who will stand up for small business owners and not put big corporations first.


Boston needs to be more affordable; there are too many people being priced out of the city. We are fortunate enough to live in a free market society, but unfortunately that means housing prices are based on supply and demand. We want Boston to be a place where our residents can afford to stay; hard working individuals should not be priced out of Boston. I would propose an Increase in affordable housing across the city.

Public Safety

Fund the police and fire department so they can get the safest equipment, our first responders risk their lives every day to keep the city safe they should be equipped with the safest technology and equipment there is to keep you and themselves safe.

We need to have clean parks and so that our kids and families and enjoy themselves without having to work about stepping on dirty needles.

Our residents especially our seniors shouldn't have to fear for their safety while walking the streets of Boston at night.


Auto insurance is too high in the city, let's look into creating safe driving programs to get insurance premiums affordable. Let's update MBTA infrastructure within the city. Also build upon our existing Hub Way, and make bicycle travel safer by having more protected bike lanes.


Start process to move Boston onto renewable energy to help combat climate change and be a model city of the rest of the country. Let’s bring solar and wind farms to the city. Expand the amount of electric car chargers, to promote driving electric cars. Also Provide businesses with incentives to go Green. This will also bring more jobs to the city as positions in all education and skill levels will be needed to get this implemented.

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